Be sure to "SEE MORE" at the bottom and Click on image to see enlargement. Each Piece Professionally Framed by Bruce the Furniture maker in Albuquerque NM, which really takes the Mosaic and gives it true wealth.

These Millefiori Mosaic Art Panels are for sale. They range in price from hundreds to thousands. The bigger Mosaics cost much more because the process of creating the larger Mosaics is exponentially more massive an affair of creation. The bigger pieces then contains a higher concentrate of “soul power” nonetheless.

The pieces show well on computer screen but the "in person look and feel" is incomparable. Because Saul's work is also known as “flat sculpture” the digitized visual omits the “touch” aspect that is strongly encouraged as the texture of these masterpieces feels nice to the tips.

© 2013 All Rights Reserved Saul Hoffman Polymer Artist

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